UPDATE: 265,000+ visits to this website since May, 2008!  GOD'S GREENHOUSE: HOW TO GROW PEOPLE GOD'S WAY is being revised from a sermon series to a readable manuscript.  The goal for completion is the second half of 2014.  Check back!  I strongly recommend everyone download How To Measure My Church's Effectiveness immediately below.   ts

Are you searching for ways to implement the Purpose Driven Church concept?  That’s why I created so many free Purpose Driven "Tools Ready To Use."  This website helps you hit the ground running without having to reinvent the wheel. Undoubtedly, you will be able to make adjustments and sharpen these tools even more for your own ministry.  Do so! All of these tools are free to be used/adapted for the glory of God!

I recommend you download two step-by-step guides which can truly change your ministry capability!  How To Do A Purpose Driven Service combines small cell groups, prayer, plus the five purpose-driven purposes in one unique service.  Step-by-step instructions will show you how to engage your members in one purpose!  (This guide also includes How To Measure My Church's Effectiveness.I believe this manual will challenge every leader to re-think what he wishes to accomplishIt will work in small groups or home churches, too!

Canning What You Get  is a step-by-step leadership guide to assimilating new members.  Chapter 5 explains “The Role of the Assimilation Director” in great detail. If our churches believe in an evangelism director, they should also believe in an assimilation director!  It is just as important to keep the current sheep as to bring in new sheep! This guide includes numerous leadership exercises, too, that will help your leaders think through the entire assimilation process.

Many other purpose-driven tools are also contained in this website.  I have been in the ministry more than thirty years.  I truly wish someone had shared these tools with me during my early years.  These tools would have stretched my mind to a higher level of thinking and made me more valuable to my Savior and the people whom I serve.  I pray these tools will benefit you in serving the greatest Person we will ever know!

If you are exploring how to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Living Savior and my Coming King, then please click on What God Wants Me To Hear.  (Read the stories of ordinary people like you at Pipefitter's Testimony.  Steelworker's Testimony.  My Testimony.You'll say, "I wish I had done this a long time ago!" 

Pastor Tom Swartzwelder

B.A. Tennessee Temple University   MDiv. Luther Rice Seminary